• Taiga BioActives Inc
    A Canadian leader in the natural personal care and natural health products movement


Taiga BioActives Inc. is a Canadian leader in the natural personal care and natural health products movement and is now under the new management of Swift Innovations.

Our mission:  We provide “Natures Life Solutions” through botanical products that surprise and delight our customers and are:

  • The most innovative
  • The most natural
  • The most efficacious

Our research is focused on the vast potential offered by the many botanical extracts and oils currently in research and discovery programs in Canada and world-wide.  These extracts and oils have demonstrated unique end use consumer benefits in the personal care space, as well as curative properties in the natural health arena.

As a company, our goal is to provide consumers with leading edge natural solutions for their personal care and natural health needs, at the same time ensuring we meet and exceed all regulatory standards. We are actively engaged in understanding our key consumer needs through extensive market research, aggressive social media activities and one-on-one interaction with the industry leaders. Taiga’s botanical products are among the most natural on the market and also offer the highest levels of performance.

Our inspiration and our company name come from “The Taiga”, another term for the Boreal Forest.  We reinforce our commitment to nature and the environment through our name, our natural focus, our botanical research and natural products.  Our many corporate commitments ensure we are:

  • Identifying and meeting consumer needs and turning fresh innovative ideas into purpose-filled, effective natural products,
  • Reducing our carbon footprint through recycling and tree planting programs,
  • Actively supporting the preservation of the Boreal Forest,
  • Capturing the interest of natural product lovers on a global level, and
  • Enhancing lives through botanical products.