Our Commitment

Taiga BioActives is committed to:

  • Meeting consumer needs and to turning fresh innovative ideas into purpose-filled, effective natural products,
  • Capturing the interest of natural product lovers on a global level,
  • Creating delight and enhancing someone’s life through botanical based products,
  • Reducing our carbon footprint through recycling programs and planting trees,
  • Building a community of like-minded others,
  • Building young women’s self-esteem through their natural beauty,
  • Growing internationally, but never forgetting who we are and what we stand for.

Committed to Natural:

Taiga BioActives is committed to creating natural botanical products that work without the use of harsh chemicals. Taiga’s products are artificial fragerance, oil, and alcohol free, containing no gluten, parabens, or mineral oils. Taiga’s products are never tested on animals.

Commited to Planting Trees:

Taiga BioActive’s team members will be actively involved in planting trees this year, and years to come, to help preserve and sustain the Canadian Boreal Forest. The Boreal Forest is one of the largest intact forest and wetland ecosystems in the world. Characterized by coniferous tree species, such as pines, spruces and larches; the Canadian Boreal forest is home to many plants, animals and wildlife. The Boreal Forest makes up over 1.3 billion acres across Canada and is the single largest terrestrial carbon storehouse in the world. Carbon, which provides a shield against global warming, is then lost through deforestation. Deforestation results in a great source of greenhouse gas emissions which could result in global warming and a critical environment for the habitat of birds, fish, and wildlife.

Committed to Recycling Programs:

Taiga BioActives is actively trying to eliminate waste by creating recycle programs for plastic and paper. In 2013 Taiga will be committing their time and efforts to working with retailers and consumers in creating a recycling program for product plastic material.

Committed to Community:

Taiga BioActives has created a Natural Beauty Campaign that is directly geared to female youth through social media with the goal of enhancing self-esteem and self-acceptance in young women around the globe. Weekly discussions, advice, and affirmations will take place though a social media forum.