• A Canadian Inspiration

Our Story

“The Taiga”, also known as the boreal forest, is our inspiration.  Canada’s Boreal Forest is one of the world’s greatest treasures. Stretching over 5,000 kilometres (3,000 miles) from Newfoundland to the Yukon, the boreal region’s nearly six million square kilometres (2.3 million square miles) make up one of the world’s largest intact forest ecosystems – even larger than the remaining Brazilian Amazon. It is a diverse region of forests, peatlands, lakes and rivers.

Canada’s Boreal Forest holds massive stores of carbon; immense populations of birds, mammals and fish; and much of the world’s freshwater in its millions of lakes and ponds and hundreds of thousands of kilometres of streams and rivers. The forest’s intact nature makes it a refugia for species that have disappeared from other parts of their range and that are forced northward by climate change. It is also home to hundreds of aboriginal communities, which depend on the ecosystem for their livelihoods.
Protecting and maintaining these valuable resources is one of the world’s last great conservation opportunities. Today’s best science shows that to do so will require at least 50% be excluded from industrial development in a system of interconnected protected areas, and that sustainable development practices be used in areas where development occurs. (Source: The Canadian Boreal Initiative.)

Consistent with our interest in the environment and the boreal forest in particular, we are continuously discovering and developing products to bring Canadian consumers unique botanical solutions for everyday personal care needs and to treat specific health concerns. Our current research focus is to harness the uniquely curative and restorative properties of botanicals and essential oils. Taiga’ product lines are focused on unique botanicals that bring natural, safe products to consumers and to fulfill unmet market needs.

Taiga’s is supported by world class research and development organizations bringing the depth of capability and knowledge required to build a robust pipeline of unique personal care and natural health products. Our formulators are experienced and creative ensuring results that demonstrate the highest levels of efficacy and are the best possible products for specific applications.

Our competitive scanning ensures that our products are positioned effectively and target specific unmet market needs. Marketing Plans are developed for each product featuring innovative communication techniques that create consumer pull through.