• The Driving Force

Our Science

Taiga’s botanical science is second to none and is the driving force behind the company’s success, which is a significant asset to its investors and its customers.  A recent article in the American Journal of Dermatology provides the following definition for botanicals:

The term ‘botanicals’ subsumes numerous preparations derived from herbs, spices, roots, stems, and other materials of botanical origin. Botanicals are used for therapeutic or cosmetic purposes in the form of fresh plants, dried, or extracted plant material. Botanical medicine is also referred to as herbal medicine, phytotherapy, or phytomedicine. The use of plant extracts and herbs has its origin in ancient times, with the earliest records originating from ancient China and Egypt.

Taiga has harnessed the benefits of botanicals in its formulations, choosing from the finest sources around the world. Specially chosen natural herbal extracts, specialty ingredients, and essential oils provide results based on natural active properties. No sensitizing fragrances are used.  Our formulators bring many years of experience to formulating uniquely effective cosmetic, personal care and natural health products. Taiga’s current development focus is on the benefits derived from Geranium, Cornflower Water, and Cucumber Extract: